Ultimate making waves in Potch

3.png“But the invitation had a beach in it !” I whined as we catapulted past another windmill, watched by herd after herd of freckled Ngunis and husky beef cattle.  Even after living in South Africa for nearly 5 years I had never ventured to Potchefstroom, deep into the North West province.

But after a tantalizing (see beach reference) invitation was extended by Cobus, who had been Moxie’s Spirit Captain for Rocktober on the 17th of October, Ultitude created two teams, Mojo and Super Troopers for a day of disc.

Upon arrival at the Potchefstroom Gimnsium Sportgronde we were immediately welcomed by friendly locals and some rocking Afrikaans music to set the vibe. My team, Mojo, was comprised of Mike, Yulia, Robin, Jay, Dan and Fergus.

Many of the players had only just been introduced to the sport, and after a brief review of the rules by Robin, played with such exuberance and raw skill that I am sure Ultimate has gained several new players ! Most of the teams played barefoot and everyone spent the matches laughing and having fun.  Having only recently started playing frisbee myself, it was really nice to play against other beginners.

Early on the tone was set as one of learning and teamwork, rather than the intense competition which marked Rocktober.  We played 4 pool matches (including a spirited match against the Varswaterslakke, or the Fresh Water Snails), following the tournament rules of 6 players on the field (with minimum 1 female) for two ten minute halves, which often became one twenty-minute game without a halftime.

The tournament was very well planned, it was fantastic to have breaks to watch the other matches, and to rest in the shade.  The pannekoek and boerierolls kept our strength up throughout the day, and the sokkie music transitioned into some live acoustic music and finally in time for the finals, some thumping beats !

At the end of the pool matches, the top 4 teams out of the 10 played in the semi-finals, pitting Ultitude Super Troopers against NWUltimate and Ultitude Mojo against Burgundy Dynamos.  These match-ups led to an exciting final between Ultitude Mojo and NWUltimate, with a final result of 11-6.

Thank you so much to Potch for hosting such a fun tournament, I really hope it will become a yearly tradition and I’ll be back – beach or not!


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