Countdown to Worlds 2016

The GFDA caught up with Sean Massyn to discuss his Mambas preparations for the 2016 World Ultimate & Guts Championships taking place in London 18 – 25 June.  Sean played for UCT 2011 – 2014 and joined Skyveld last year.  He is co-coaching Skyveld this year.  Sean has had his eye on the world’s team since he didn’t make the cut for the 2012 team which went to Japan, and is fresh-off his U23 World’s experience as a Wild Dog last year.

Q : With only 77 days to go, are you doing any specific workouts or preparations ?

I’ve had very little experience with training for running so I started with researching running techniques and doing a weekly park-run from December. In addition I have been doing a gymnastics based strength and stretching program which I started doing whilst studying at UCT. The goal being to prevent injuries and maintain a fitness level that will carry me through the tournament in London.

In addition I am running the fitness sessions for Skyveld at their practices which have also assisted with putting in time towards fitness. Going forward I’d like to incorporate sprint and vertical leap training into my weekly program.


Q : How is it being geographically separated from the rest of the team ?

It is both tough and liberating. Not being able to gauge my teammates’ progress on fitness as well as playing style is challenging at times but it does give me great flexibility in tailoring my training so that I can obtain the most out of it.

Q : What are you most looking forward to ?

Meeting the global Frisbee community, watching live high level ultimate and seeing all the different countries’ kit.

Q : What’s been the biggest challenge for you so far ?

Access to fields for throwing practice. Given the hours that I work, the time available to practice throwing after work hours and outside practices is more limited than I’d ideally want. Given that I’ve recently become a father the financial aspects are also quite tough. I’m fortunate to have been frugal growing up so I have savings available to assist in this regard though. I’ve been saving since the Wild dogs campaign ended last year which has helped tremendously with the upfront costs that we’ve needed to pay recently.



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