Date : 9 April 2016 in the Wits Club House

Present : 17 members of Gauteng Ultimate community as well as members of Polokwane and Bloem, GFDA Executive Committee included Fergus (interim Chairperson), Justus (Treasurer / Tuks Rep) and Ellie (Secretary), General Members included Arno (Zone Rep), Che (Spirit / Ultitude Rep)

Time : 7:20 PM (Note, the meeting did not start at 7 PM due to electricity failure complications as well as needing to wait for quorum – 15 individuals.)

Minutes :

  1. Welcome by Chairperson
  2. Fergus (interim Chairperson) update on Ultimate in Gauteng


  • Centralisation of organisation
  • Hosted successful tournaments, namely Rocktober, Swinburne, Wits Hat Tournament (2x), Binnelanders, operating within budget and good attendance from the entire community
  • Successful Mixed league (summer)
  • #DiscDrought – ensuring allocation of SAFDA development discs to Soweto Outreach, universities and  new clubs (total discs distribution in Gauteng = 50), Sale of 10 discs to private players as a fundraiser for Alice’s memorial
  • Supported creation of new club, the Benoni Rebels, as well as solidifying the Movers participation in Gauteng Ultimate
  • Point of contact for fringe/new players, organization of pick up teams for tournaments, inclusion of other inland communities (Potch, Bloem, Polokwane welcome !)


  • Soweto project, reaching over 200 children in Soweto at 20 different schools as well as developing the Move-It,  Moving Matters interns into the Movers!
  • Inclusion of the Movers (free of cost) in Roctober, Wits Hat Tournament, Binnelanders
  • Continued Ultimate clinics in Soweto
  • Facilitating school outreach project with Baden
  • Facilitating Vukela high school PE teacher program with Fergus

Legacy creation

  • Creation of role-specific email addresses to facilitate handovers and storage of historical info
  • Database of all assets owned by the GFDA (pool, shade cover etc.)
  • Registered bank account
  • Transparent financial control
  • Strengthening relationships with the wider inland community within South Africa


  • Contact to the wider community could be more effective and highlighting channels for important info to be shared.  A deeper mailing list is to be compiled to reflect the interest shown on Facebook.  (approximately 100 people on the mailing list opposed to 350 likes on Facebook)

Going forward

  • Continue growth and solidify the work to date
  • Assist the community to promote the sport within high schools and tertiary education to further increase the player base from the region
  • Hosting tournaments on a frequent basis
  • Use social media to maintain hype around the sport and recruit new players

3. Justus (treasurer) update on GFDA financials

Financial Year: April 2015 to March 2016

EVENT INCOME 123,973.50
BANK CHARGES (1,483.37)
CONSUMABLES (5,205.00)
COST OF SALES (9,643.53)
EVENT COSTS (110,726.92)
BALANCE 26,583.73

4. Open for Questions

Questions from the assembled members

Question 1 :

Jay Hart (Ultitude) – Why were financials presented April to March when GFDA constitution dictates January to December financial year ? Why did elections not take place within 2 months of financial year end (January to February) ?

Response – The GFDA was formed in April 2015.  It makes sense at least in this inaugural year to present April 2015 – March 2015 as the GFDA did not exist in January, February or March of 2015.

The Constitution dictates that “The financial year of the Association shall run from January 1 to December 31 or such other period as is determined by the Committee.” [Emphasis added.]

The constitution dictates that “An Annual General Meeting of the GFDA shall be held each year within six months from the end of the financial year of the Association (except the first Annual General meeting which shall be held within two months from the end of the first financial year and within 18 months of incorporation.” [Emphasis added.]

This would mean either (if the financial year is assumed to be December) between February and October or (if the financial year is taken as March) between May and December.  In either instance, the GFDA followed the constitution.

Question 2 :

Jay Hart (Ultitude) – The GFDA is not following the Constitution.

Response -The Constitution was quickly created by the founding members based on club constitutions from Polokwane, Bloem and Ultitude.  It needs to be better aligned to our organization, especially considering the growth we have experienced in the last year.  William (Bloem) is an attorney and has offered to assist us in this task.

Question 3 :

Robin Willis (Ultitude) – The GFDA AGM was not announced far enough in advance.

Response – While the GFDA AGM dates were announced in the full year calendar (distributed by SAFDA and posted on FB), we apologize for not giving notice 14 days in advance, however the information had been given out in January and a reminder was given a week before the vote.  As communicated prior to this meeting, we extend the deadline for ExCo nominations until the 15th and will close voting on midnight of the 18th to ensure everyone has sufficient notice / time to participate.

Question 4 :

Jay Hart (Ultitude) – Requests that election is held immediately or dissolve meeting and schedule another date.

Response – The Community was informed the election would not take place tonight so many people are absent, doing so now would exclude members of the community.  Given the geographic spread of our community today, it is difficult to unite all members physically.  This is why we have proposed an online vote (which was voted by the GFDA committee members).

Question 5 :

Jay Hart (Ultitude) – Asks if there will be minutes of the meeting.

Response – Confirms that there will be minutes of the AGM, as per our Constitution.

  1. Chairperson closes meeting.

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