GFDA 2016 Elections


Your current Gauteng Flying Disc Association (GFDA) Committee is pleased to announce the results of the recent mandate-seeking process and thanks the membership for participating in the process to encourage the further development of our sport and the administration of the interests of our membership.  Thanks also go to all of the participants who made themselves available for office and showed their support for the objectives of our Association.

Between the 4th of April and the 15th, 14 nominations were made by the Gauteng Ultimate community for the roles of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and SAFDA Representative.  The request for nominations was made via the Gauteng Ultimate Facebook page (360+ likes) and communicated to each team by their representative(s) on the GFDA committee.  In the end, only 6 nominations were accepted, including Justus Immelman and Ellie Tournier who both accepted to retain their current positions (Treasurer and Secretary, respectively), uncontested.

The remaining nominations included Jay Hart and current interim Chairperson Fergus Klein, for the role of Chairperson, and Gareth Freese and Robin Willis for the role of SAFDA Representative.

A SurveyMonkey form was distributed to the community, both by direct emails (to 65 players) as well as by links.  The GFDA 1estimates the size of the active playing community in Gauteng to be approximately 125 players.  We received a total of 68 votes, including 20 via link and 48 via direct email, which corresponds to participation of more than half of the community.  This is an unprecedented participation, and shows not only the growth of our community but the keen interest in its success.

The vote was announced via the Gauteng Ultimate Facebook page as well as communicated to each team by their representative on the GFDA committee, and was overseen by Baden Dowie (Zone Rangers) as a neutral observer.

The breakdown of vote participation by Gauteng club was as follows :


The voting was closed at midnight on the 18th of April.

The clear winner in the election for Chairperson was Fergus Klein, with over 85% of the votes.

The SAFDA Representative election was closely contested, with Gareth Freese ending up with the majority of votes.


The voting process is valuable to obtain the participation of membership and gauge the interest of members in the affairs of the Association.  Your office bearers are the servants of the membership to carry out the mandates of the membership.  We trust that the new Committee will take the results of the election as an encouragement to carry on the work that the membership wants to see completed.

Your 2016/2017 GFDA Executive Committee :

Role Resource
Chairperson Fergus Klein
Secretary Ellie Tournier
Treasurer / Tuks Representative Justus Immelman
SAFDA Representative Gareth Freese

They will be supported by the General Members of the GFDA :

Role Resource
Outreach Charlotte Jordaan
League Coordinator Jedd Hart
Spirit / Ultitude Representative Che Makanjee
Zone Representative Arno Pienaar
Skyveld Representatives James Arnestad and Sean Massyn
Wits Representative TK Chinamatira

Message from the Chairperson, Fergus Klein :

The election process has highlighted a matter of fundamental importance to the Association and alerted us to an immediate requirement that should demand our urgent attention.  Some members have raised a valid concern that the constitutional position is unclear and your Committee believes that such concerns must be addressed.  The Constitution of the Association is the glue that holds us together in the furtherance of our sport and our shared objectives.  It seems that the current Constitution has not been adopted in a formally correct manner and that the membership has not had adequate opportunity to participate in a complete review and adoption process to make the Constitution a clear expression of the collective will of the membership.  This means that our current Constitution is not sufficiently binding and that we have conflicting provisions and practices that may cause uncertainty and potential conflict.

Your Committee takes the recent endorsement via election as a mandate to present a Constitution that the membership may adopt, with or without modification and that the current Committee should behave as a steering committee towards this outcome.  We hope that all members will participate in this important process to find expression of our common values.

Your Committee will propose a document preparation process and an acceptance forum that will hopefully satisfy the membership.

Thank you all for your participation and encouragement.

The GFDA wishes to thank the community for its continued patience and support, as well as the amazing voting turnout.  We promise to continue to work tirelessly towards growing and developing ultimate in Gauteng, and providing a consistent and organized structure while promoting Spirit of the Game.

If you have any feedback for the GFDA or would like any additional information, please email with your query.


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