Gauteng at Mixed Nationals 2016

The last weekend of April saw 18 teams from around South Africa descend on Cape Town for the Mixed Nationals competition.  The weather was clear but chilly and the excitement was palpable as teams battled it out to see who would be crowned the best mixed club team in South Africa.

The teams entered in the tournament (by order of seeding) were :

  1. Long Donkeys
  2. Chilli
  3. UCT Flying Tigers
  4. Ghost
  5. Ultitude
  6. Catch 22
  7. Hammerheads
  8. Salusa
  9. Prawn Bunnies
  10. Flying Dutchmen
  11. Skyveld
  12. Tuks
  13. UCT Roaring Tigers
  14. Wits Voodoo Kudus
  15. Maties
  16. Flash
  17. UCT Frisbaes
  18. Valley Flyers

If you’d like to know more about SAFDA’s seeding process, please click here.

Four teams from Gauteng entered the fray: Skyveld, Tuks, Ultitude and Wits.  Below is a breakdown of match results as well as a short recap of each team’s experience.


Ultitude 17-2 Tuks
Ultitude 7-15 Ghost
Ultitude 17-5 UCT Roaring Tigers
Ultitude 11-16 UCT Flying Tigers
Ultitude 17-8 Bunnies
Ultitude 16-9 Hammerheads


Skyveld 8-17 Catch 22
Skyveld 7-17 UCT Flying Tigers
Skyveld 17-0 Wits Kudus
Skyveld 17-5 UCT Roaring Tigers
Skyveld 7-11 Salusa
Skyveld 7-17 Flying Dutchmen

Seeded 11th, Skyveld was out to prove that a new Joburg team could compete in the ever increasing standards of ultimate frisbee in South Africa not only in competitive play but also in Spirit of the Game.


Catch 22 took an early lead in the first half. After working out the first game jitters Skyveld was en route to a comeback but the lead that Catch had in the first half proved too great a buffer. A well spirited game as expected from Catch.

The second game pitted Sky against the host team. A highly anticipated match against the eventual finalist of the tournament. Many highlight-reel worthy plays were made from both teams who had to both deal with the ever present Cape Town wind as well as the additional spanner in the works of a field aimed a sh’t left of the usual orientation that fields normally have. UCT’s depth in the first team showed well in these conditions as the hosts took the game 17-7.

The early morning game against Wits added an element of cold to the game. Glove wearers being the envy of the other players on the field. With many hotly contested points Wits unfortunately weren’t able to capitalise on their plays leading to the  17-0 game against the rival teams.

On the next field the UCT Roaring Tigers defeated fellow Gauteng team Tuks in an epic game ending on universe point to the host’s second team meaning Skyveld would see them in the play off games for positions 9-12. In a very well spirited and competitive game, Skyveld managed to come out on top of the UCT Roaring Tigers. Highlights included great banter and the scoring of newcomer Rebecca’s first competitive ultimate point, who only started playing ultimate frisbee the previous Monday, as well as the general display of great ultimate from Skyveld’s new additions of the year.

The Salusa game was well fought with teams trading points for the majority of the game. Reaching the time cap for half, both teams seemed calm and collected. The experience of Salusa seemed to pull them ahead in the second half, however. Great spirit was shown in a spirit timeout called when the team mammoth went down after a bad fall and injury to his knee which would see the end to his tournament.

The final game against Flying Dutchmen, despite Skyveld’s injury line becoming ever larger, was a very well spirited game. The able bodied players were looking pretty fresh considering the tolls of the tournament. Many layouts and great grabs took place but BUF’s depth of able bodied players seemed to hold out in the end with them being able to capitalise on offence. A fantastic tournament, the schedule being the most amicable I have ever experienced. The results mean that Skyveld held their seed of 11th. Given the short time the club has been in existence, I am sure there are many more great things to come from this team in the near future. (Sean Massyn)


Tuks 2-17 Ultitude
Tuks 7-17 Ghost
Tuks 13-14 UCT Roaring Tigers
Tuks 17-9 Valley Flyers
Tuks 17-6 Maties
Tuks 17-4 UCT Frisbaes

It was a tournament in which the team had started preparing for months in advance, each member itching to get under way.

The day had finally arrived – Game Day. A beaming group of tired looking faces, undoubtedly from the early morning, greeted each other, all commenting how excited they were. TuksUltimate’s first game would be against Ultitude, which would prove to be an extremely tough game for us as we went down 17-2. The team was greatly disappointed at the start, however we kept our heads up and remained positive heading into the next game – Ghost Ultimate, a team originating in Cape Town.

TuksUltimate made a promising start, scoring a few early points, although Ghost managed to slow our momentum and ended up taking the game, 17-7. Even though the game was competitive, it was also an extremely tough one.

So day one of Nationals complete. A day which wasn’t in TuksUltimate’s favour, but a day which proved to be very insightful in terms of what we can improve on and our areas of weakness as well as our strengths.

Day 2 was another early morning for the TuksUltimate crew, who would be facing up to the UCT Roaring Tigers. This was a game in which Tuks felt they had a real chance of winning so spirits were high. The game started off with UCT scoring four, quick points, however the character of the TuksUltimate team members came through, taking the half 9-6. After the half, UCT managed another five quick points, with Tuks replying with three quick points to bring the game level at 12-12 when cap was called. This was it. Tuks opportunity to win a highly competitive game. UCT made the first blow, taking the score to 12-13. However, Tuks were quick to reply taking the game to Universal point at 13-13. At this point is was decided to put the ‘Ballie’ line on, which consisted of all the older members of TuksUltimate such as Arno and Justus. Tuks released the pull, got the turn and at a crucial moment dropped the disc. This would end up in UCT scoring the final point and take the game 13-14.

The loss against UCT was a very tough one to take as everyone had played their hearts out on the field and felt gutted to have lost. This would be shown when Tuks played Valley Flyers. The team looked exhausted, however we pulled through and ended up winning the game 17-7.

The final day would prove to be the best day for the TuksUltiate team – winning both games against Maties and UCT Frisbaes, 17-5 and 17-4, respectively. The team really pulled through on the last day and the spirit was the highest of all the days despite what had happened in the past two days. The zone defence proved to be the key to our success as it generated a turnover on almost every point.

Overall it was a good tournament for TuksUltimate, finishing 13 th overall, with as many memories made off the field as on the field. Some highlights of the tournament were Justus yelling ‘Run fatties’ to the ballie line as he received a huck just outside the end zone. Another highlight was the character that the team showed even when the score wasn’t in our favour – we never gave up.  TuksUltimate looks forward to continuing growth and the rest of the year. (Hayden Barnard)


Kudus 1-17 UCT Flying Tigers
Kudus 2-17 Catch 22
Kudus 0-17 Skyveld
Kudus 11-12 UCT Frisbaes
Kudus 6-17 Flash
Kudus 7-11 Valley Flyers

This year, Wits took an incredibly young and inexperienced team to Nationals. Of the sixteen players who participated, only six had previously played in a Nationals tournament. Of those six, only a single player had experienced more than one Nationals tournament.

As such, our main objective for this Nationals was to open the eyes of our newbies to the realm of competitive Ultimate in South Africa. Needless to say, our players left Nationals with their eyes wide open (and starry) and their mouths agape as they played against – and watched – the best teams that this country has to offer.

Something that makes Ultimate unique is the fact that there is more to the sport than winning games. Ultimate is about having fun, making new friends and maintaining the “Spirit of the Game”. For many outsiders (and newbies) this multifaceted approach is perplexing.

Prior to the tournament many of our newbies fell into the “perplexed” bracket. However, this was remedied in our second game against Catch 22. Having just scored a point, the Wits’ players on the field started a coordinated (rowing) celebration in our endzone. Before we knew it, each and every player from both Wits and Catch was in and amongst the action. This act of spirited comraderie by Catch 22 showed our team the incredible effect that “spirit of the game” has on our sport. That game set the tone for the rest of our tournament which was characterised by an atmosphere of excitement, intensity and mutual support that encouraged our new players to develop confidence and try out newly-learnt skills.

With our Nationals “learning curve” behind us, it is now time for Wits to build on its extremely young team. Our team has progressed in leaps and bounds over the course of the first half (almost) of the year, and I cannot wait to see what our future holds. (Paul Nussey)

In the end, Ultitude placed 5th, Skyveld 11th, Tuks 13th and Wits 18th.

The final results were as follows :

  1. Long Donkeys
  2. UCT Flying Tigers
  3. Chili
  4. Ghost
  5. Ultitude
  6. Hammerheads
  7. Catch 22
  8. Bunnies
  9. Salusa
  10. Flying Dutchmen
  11. Skyveld
  12. UCT Roaring Tigers
  13. Tuks
  14. Maties
  15. UCT Frisbaes
  16. Flash
  17. Valley Flyers
  18. Wits Voodoo Kudus

Spirit scores ranged from 9.8 to 12.17, with the Gauteng teams placing 2nd (Wits Kudus), 8th (Skyveld), 10th (Ultitude) and 13th (Tuks).

The full ranking of Spirit scores are as follows :

  1. UCT Roaring Tigers (12.17)
  2. Flash, Valley Flyers, Wits Voodoo Kudus (12)
  3. Catch 22 (11.67)
  4. Long Donkeys (11)
  5. Ghost, Hammerheads (11.2)
  6. Chili (11.17)
  7. UCT Flying Tigers (10.75)
  8. Bunnies, Skyveld, UCT Frisbaes
  9. Flying Dutchmen (10.29)
  10. Ultitude (10.2)
  11. Maties (10.14)
  12. Salusa (9.8)
  13. Tuks (9.17)

Thank you to UCT for hosting the tournament and congratulations to all the teams who participated.

Please give some constructive feedback to the TOC via their google form here.


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