Ultimate heating up !

by Sean “Mammoth” Massyn (Skyveld)

As Winter is drawing (#coldfrontsbegone) to a close and preparations for Rocktober are underway some changes will be needed to adapt to the warmer climate expected at the upcoming tournament. For those of you who’ve forgotten what ultimate in the sunshine is like, please see below for some reminders of possible things to bring to avoid non prep FOMO. (For you lazy buggers who don’t like to read my awesome justifications just read the bold)


  1. Sunblock: With increased sunshine and tanning comes increased responsibility. For you non-glove wearers don’t forget when rubbing in your anti-aging / anti-cancer / sunburn / good for your skin but not coral reef juices to either have a towel or item of clothing you’re not overly fond of nearby to wipe off excess sunblock. While we are a community who love sharing not many people are fond of greasy discs. *please note for those of you with a SO or a target you have scoped out for the party you may want to apply sunblock(which does come in a lip ice form) to your lips to avoid sand paper smooches.
  2. Rehydrate and extra water bottles: As the climate/earth is warming up, so too is our perspiration / appearance of working super hard. With all this extra work going on that your body needs to do to keep cool we may sometimes forget to replenish the extra electrolytes being lost. Keeping a rehydrate stash on standby, whether it’s salty snacks, fruit or store bought powder stuff will help postpone that fatigue wall we sometimes run into.
  3. Socks and extras (of socks in case you weren’t sure there): In conjunction with number 2 there’s usually that one person in your team with socks that were not tested for Durban type humidity levels in shoes and may be overwhelmed by the ultimate burdens now being placed on it to remain fresh. Don’t be that person. Give your socks a hand.
  4. Deodorant/ anti-perspirent: when 3 fails and your shirt too is drenched cause let’s face it you love ultimate and run a lot when you play it. Like non-ultimate people have no idea how much you run. It’s crazy far. Especially if you’re that person who never subs. What’s up with that person? Why don’t they get tired like regular people? It’s probably cause they’ve got these things so no matter how much they sweat they’re still reasonably fresh smelling which is like a big confidence booster for making bids cause then you can get full extension without spirit fouling people through odour.
  5. Hats/sunglasses/buffs/running sleeves/umbrellas/ brobrellas/the lady equivalent of a brobrella/gazebos/planting of trees at upcoming tournament venues: For those looking for a more permanent/economies of scale type/but sunblock makes me sticky/grease lightning should stay in the 70s solution to sunblock, the investment in these items may be worth your while in protection against the sunshine’s rays.
  6. Ice & strapping. For you injury prone people, you know the drill. For people who are unfit/in denial about your age/bounce back into hard core sports like ultimate ability you may want to consider having these with you. While there will be paramedics at major tournaments (we hope) their strapping won’t be nearly as cool as what you can get and who wants to look like all the other injured people anyway. On another note they may run out of these supplies too or have a long line of people who didn’t read this blog post and don’t have their own strapping to attend to.
  7. Brightly coloured clothing and personalities: Cause it’s Spring that’s why.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you feel this list is not extensive enough then you are entitled to your feelings that’s OK. Happy Spring ultimate season to everyone


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