New Kids on the Block

by Tokelo Martin Mokhesi (Soweto Ultimate)

It was on Friday evening when the newly established Soweto Ultimate undertook a lengthy journey to the beautiful city of Durban to take part in the Open and Women’s Nationals tournament that was held at Glenwood High School from 27 to 28 of August hosted by Durban Ultimate.

The Soweteans were pumped up and ready to rumble. The team is only a couple of months old but they played impressively like a unit. A team with many young players who are hungry for some success.

Soweto played five matches in Durban against: The Bunnies, The long Donkeys, The Mighty Mules (Saturday) then on Sunday they came up against Ultitude Greys and Lions River – coming up short in all the encounters. Soweto might have lost all their games but they have gained some valuable tournament experience and lessons which they can use in their next tournament. They learned that team work is important, must have a strategy and a game plan, play fair and keep the rules of the game in mind, work on their fitness level, be committed, when in position of the disc take your time- no need to rush,  run into open spaces, be creative and play smart. And also that in this particular sport (Ultimate) team spirit is key, it is all about team work, need to back each other, communicate effectively and most importantly have fun on the playing field.

Soweto Ultimate in action
Soweto Ultimate caught the attention of various players and spectators, getting praises and compliments for the way they play, for their positive attitude, energy and for a couple of  brilliant moments-passage of play. Tokelo Martin Mokhesi (Vice Captain) was outstanding – MVP in four out of five matches and Micheal Maleke also showed some promise-MVP in their last game. Soweto Ultimate came in position six – the Long Donkeys winning the tournament .
The Soweteans also had a wonderful time outside the playing field as they went to the Durban beachfront, the Westville Mall and Queensmead Mall-had some fun, fantastic experience.
The hospitality from the hosts Durban Ultimate was great and welcoming, the accommodation was extraordinary.
Soweto Ultimate is looking forward to their next tournament which is Rockoctober to better their previous performance and grow as a team.
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