Rocktober 2016: Recap

Rocktober 2016 did not disappoint, and was once again the largest tournament in Gauteng and one of the most anticipated of the Ultimate calendar in South Africa !

Bringing together a total of 17 teams and approximately 250 players, playing 49 matches over 2 days, on 8 side-by-side fields (sometimes with polo ponies in the background) it was certainly a sight to behold !

Rocktober Tournament Organising Committee (RocTOC)

  • Ellie Tournier – Chair
  • Jedd Hart – Scheduling
  • Justus Immelman – Treasurer
  • Fergus Klein
  • Ruben van Aswegen
  • Rubina Valodia
  • TK Chinamatira
  • Che Makanjee

A word from the Tournament Chair

The situation was dire. Just one week before Rocktober 2016 was supposed to be played at the University of Witwatersrand, student #feesmustfall protest action became increasingly violent and forced a full shutdown of the University.

Enter full crisis management mode.  After surveying the captains of all teams, those with flights overwhelmingly made it clear that this tournament could not be moved.  After contacting over 50 venues in Gauteng, we managed to secure the amazing East Rand Polo Club.  

Overall I was impressed at how the community supported the RocTOC and offered assistance and words of encouragement. A particularly heart-warming example of this was when individuals from each team donated cash funds to ensure that Orange Farm would be able to pay for a taxi to return on Sunday.

Your messages of support and gratitude made it all worthwhile !


Initial Seeding (as per SAFDA)

  1. Chilli
  2. Long Donkeys
  3. Ghost
  4. UCT Flying Tigers
  5. Catch 22
  6. Polokwane Ultimates
  7. Knights
  8. Ultitude Grey Wolves
  9. Zone Rangers
  10. Skyveld
  11. Ultitude Grey Luries
  12. NWU/Tuks Ultimate
  13. UCT Roaring Tigers
  14. Wits Voodoo Kudus
  15. Galeforce
  16. Orange Farm Ultimates
  17. Soweto Movers

Day 1 Pools

Pool 1: Chilli, Catch 22, Zone Rangers, UCT Roaring Tigers, Soweto Ultimate

Pool 2: Long Donkeys, Polokwane Ultimates, Skyveld, Voodoo Kudus

Pool 3: Ghost, Knights, Ultitude 2, Galeforce

Pool 4: UCT Flying Tigers, Ultitude 1, NWUlitmate/TuksUltimate, Orange Farm Ultimates

Having already prepared a schedule based on the field layout at Wits (and already balancing various teams reshuffling and combining), Jedd was given an impossible task when the new venue was announced only days prior to the tournament.  Uncertain of how many fields the venue will hold until he arrived on site, and racing against a setting sun and rain, Jedd and his team valiantly marked out the fields.

A word from the Head of Scheduling

With regard to game-play and scheduling our tournament was far from perfect. Last-minute adjustments, late communication with teams, inadequate information about how the tournament would progress… these are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed in future tournaments. That being said, every team made it to their games on time, every team played enough games to satiate their Ultimate appetites, and everyone had fun. That makes for a successful tournament, regardless of the hiccups. We have a lot to learn but I’m confident that our next tournament will be far smoother.

Day 2 Play-off Positions* (as per WFDF regulations)

  1. Chilli
  2. Long Donkeys
  3. UCT Flying Tigers
  4. Ghost
  5. Catch 22
  6. Knights
  7. Ultitude Grey Wolves
  8. Skyveld
  9. Polokwane Ultimates
  10. Ultitude Grey Luries
  11. UCT Roaring Tigers
  12. Zone Rangers
  13. NWU/Tuks Ultimate
  14. Soweto Movers
  15. Orange Farm
  16. Galeforce
  17. Wits Voodoo Kudus

*There was an error in the 9-12 group, where UCT B should have been placed 9th, ahead of Ultitude 2 and Polokwane Ultimates, based on their goal-differential. Zone Rangers was placed in the 9-12 group ahead of NWU/Tuks (both had a GD of -20) due to their superior ‘goals scored’.

Final Placing

  1. UCT Flying Tigers
  2. Ghost
  3. Long Donkeys
  4. Chilli
  5. Ultitude Grey Wolves
  6. Catch 22
  7. Skyveld Ultimate
  8. Knights
  9. Polokwane Ultimate
  10. UCT Roaring Tigers
  11. Ultitude Grey Luries
  12. Zone Rangers
  13. Galeforce
  14. NWU/Tuks Ultimate
  15. Soweto Movers
  16. Orange Farm Ultimates
  17. Wits Voodoo Kudus

Stand out performances

  • Most Goals Man: Sipho (Skyveld)
  • Most Goals Woman: Megan (Chilli)
  • Most Assists Man: Justus (NWU/Tuks Ultimate)
  • Most Assists Woman: Heather (Long Donkeys)

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