Soweto’s Wonderful Experience

by Martin Mokhesi (Soweto Ultimate)

SOWETO ULTIMATE – Excited as we heard that we will be taking part in one of the biggest ultimate tournaments in South Africa: Rocktober.

We gave a number of teams a run for their money; Zone Rangers, Tuks and Galeforce. Three of our encounters went to what is called a hardcap and we lost by small margins and our own silly mistakes.

Finally on day two, we managed to get our first ever win in a hotly contested, tough, physical, exciting and fun. It was against Orange farm, the match was so close it went down to the wire, one point separating the two teams. 15-14 the final score.

Soweto Ultimate Vs Orange Farm Ultimate: Derby

Overall it was a terrific experience, learnt quite a lot; more knowledge, rules how the experienced teams actually  play, their strategies like the cup (defence) the vertical stack (attack), cutting and making runs. It was very difficult to counterattack.

We are a fairly young and inexperienced side with our youngest player being just 12 years of age. Most of us are still in high school and varsity. In one to two games Soweto Ultimate will be a force to be reckoned with

Zoey:  Soweto ultimate’s 12 year old star player.

Thanks to Charlotte Jordan for making it possible for us to take part in the Rockoctober tournament, we appreciate her efforts and also thanks to everybody who cheered for us and loving us some love.
ROCKTOBER-Indeed rocks.

Teekay: Soweto Ultimate Capatain in ation.   

We had a lot of fun.

This article first appeared on Martin’s blog here.
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