GFDA Constitution Ratified !

On Sunday the 27th of November 2016 the GFDA held a special meeting following the Skyveld hat tournament, “Make Ultimate Great Again”.  On the agenda for the meeting was the vote to ratify the proposed constitution.

Immediately following the tournament at 1:30 PM, Fergus, Chairperson of the GFDA, opened the special meeting to 34 members of the Gauteng Ultimate community.  Players from Skyveld, Soweto, Tuks, Ultitude, Wits and Zone Rangers were present.  The GFDA ExCo briefly explained the importance of the proposed constitution, which has been available on the GFDA public drive for approximately the last 6 months and open to comment during that time.

As previously discussed, the GFDA has been moved to re-draft the Constitution as ratified in July of 2015. There have been several key updates to the document, which is aimed at helping the community grow and maintain membership in a fair and equal way.

The main amendments to the document include:

  • Clarifying the aims, objectives, positions and reach of the GFDA;
  • Outlining the process and requirements for membership to the GFDA, including the process for claiming membership fees. (Membership fees are currently R0 for the foreseeable future); and
  • Detailing process and procedures for elections, amendments to the Constitution and formal complaints.

This document has been prepared by an attorney who volunteered several hours of his professional time to assemble this impressive document for our community. The GFDA is currently limited in its ability to conduct business due to the uncertainty of its professional status. These limitations include issues in bank account management, insurance for purchased goods and individuals and development grant applications. By ratifying this Constitution the GFDA can further benefit the community and help Ultimate grow in the Gauteng region.

We are pleased to announce that the result of the vote was 34 in favor, 0 against and 0 abstain.  The proposed constitution has been ratified unanimously.

We thank you for your assistance in this regard.


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