Make Ultimate Great Again

by Ellie

On Sunday the 27th of November, Skyveld Ultimate hosted its first ever hat tournament, no longer so ironically named “Make Ultimate Great Again”.  The objective of the tournament was to raise funds towards Skyveld’s field costs.


The tournament took place at Diggers in Randburg and while the weather looked overcast and gloomy at 7 AM when the team was setting up, by the time the first matches had started at 8:30 AM the sun was peeking through the clouds and by the end of the day Sally and I had sunburns.

Over 50 Gauteng Ultimate players came together and were divided into 6 teams to face off in a series of 4 matches each.  Fergus provided a sick sound system and Keke ensured that the jams stayed funky.  

My team, FabFam#, got off to a strong start with a bye.  We had some salty old boys on the team, including Justus, Ryan and Jaco, which helped the younger players like Jimbo and Jafda look good.  It was a winning combo which saw us take first place after being undefeated.  I am not certain who took home the stuffed froggie but I suspect Jaco, who is a total softie at heart.

The young players from Soweto Ultimate impressed everyone, especially the girls.  One instance saw Zoey (12 years old) snatching a sky from an unsuspecting JB in the end zone for a score.  Another saw Siya in a flyby grab the disc for the score from teammate Jaco.  

The day ended with a special meeting of the GFDA and prize giving.  Thank you to everyone who came out for the hat tournament and supported Skyveld’s fundraiser !  

If you haven’t purchased raffle tickets yet, contact Jimbo.



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