Spirit of the Game Day 2016

International Spirit of the Game day was celebrated around the world on the 3rd of December.  In Gauteng we celebrated by a pick-up match hosted by Orange Farm Ultimates.  The event took place at the Chris Hani Sports Complex about 45 minutes from Johannesburg.  Besides the hosts Orange Farm Ultiamtes, the full Soweto Ultimate team attended, as well as GFDA members Fergus, Ellie and James (Skyveld) and TK (VooDoo Kudus), and Jay (Ultitude) and Baden (Zone Rangers).

by TK (Wits)

SOTG day can be described as nothing less than an amazing day to play frisbee. Its like opening your presents on Christmas day! Everyone was in high spirits and majorly keen to play their hardest. What made it especially special for me was that it was my first time playing with Orange Farm ultimate, as well as the ethereal feeling of playing in Ultimate’s own derby versus Soweto Ultimate! Running with these teams helps me realise that ultimate in Gauteng is only on the up and up! From the hammers and piercing throws of the day, to the sheer speed and ferocity of the game play, its clear that the up and coming stars of Gauteng Ultimate will be a surprise mix of Soweto and Orange Farm ultimate! It was an honour to play with these teams, and see the large number of young children getting involved and learning what’s new to many of them, the spirit and love of ultimate both on and around the field!!


by Fergus

Having made the 45 minute drive from Sandton to Orange Farm, the GFDA was excited to meet up and play Ultimate with 2 of the newer teams on the Gauteng circuit – Soweto Ultimate and Orange Farm Ultimates.  With no further plans other than to enjoy a game of pick-up with our friends, we set up a field at the Chris Hani Sports Complex, split into teams and got the discs flying.  The level of ultimate on show was exceptional, with all players taking the opportunity in the friendly environment to showcase their skills.  Before long, the disc spectacle had attracted a crowd of local children who were all eager to see and experience ultimate for the first time.  Everyone was accommodated, with a competitive game of pick-up on one half of the field and children being taught throwing basics with beginner discs, kindly donated by SAFDA.  With smiles and laughter the order of the day, Spirit of the Game Day achieved exactly what it set out to do – to remind us that regardless of background, gender or race that we all share a love for a sport that actively encourages inclusion, coming together and discussion.  Thank you to everyone who made the trip.


by Jay

As the current Safda Vice Chairperson it is fantastic to see the game being spread to new communities. The beauty of this game is how it is able to unite diverse people, who would not usually be thrown together, through upholding the Spirit of the Game.  One of my highlights was seeing all of the little smiling and laughing children playing with the green Kulula/Avios discs which were donated by Safda to Orange Farm Ultimate and Soweto Ultimate on the day! Thank you Orange Farm for hosting and Gauteng Ultimate for supporting this day.

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