Zone Ranger Update !

by Joan (Zone Rangers)

Breaking news: things are happening on the ‘other’ side of the Jukskei, happiness!

After a yearlong sabbatical that ended at Rocktober 2016 some old dogs remembered how much fun ultimate is and why we like it. So, we started a fresh, newbie friendly pickup, aiming to grow the Pretoria & Gauteng player pool and spread the ultimate magic. Things have gone from strength to strength. Let’s face it, ultimate needs many things: sponsorship, coaches, good representation of the populationatworldsblahblah. But first and foremost, we need MORE players.

At our new pickup, we connected with motivated, enthusiastic humans who immediately took ownership of the cause. Thanks to Jeanine and friends we had a ‘100-person pickup’! That was some crazy shenanigans. About 75 brand new players, 20 seasoned ultimate players, 10 regulars and spectators. Until proven wrong we are claiming this as the biggest pickup in SA. Ever.

Rangers fb1.jpg

Also, we ‘franchised’ Zone Rangers. Which is ironic because, since I’ve known them Rangers have been more of a team than a club. Rangers aims to have 4 hubs running by mid-2017! The Pretoria offshoot is called ‘Ranger Danger’ and is currently working with TUKS ultimate to ensure the future of ultimate in Snor City. Rangers also got their first Facebook home (don’t tell Nic), and you can support us here.

Rangers is, in my opinion, the best team in SA. Maybe not in terms rankings and perfect spirit scores. But Rangers have figured out how to eliminate 99% of politics (really). Rangers don’t just do things because they should, or because everyone else is doing it. Rangers play other sports and have other adventures as well. I always think of Rangers as the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ of SA ultimate. Gushing and cheering is not the Ranger way so I’ll stop there. Different strokes for different folks.

Artboard 1-100.jpg

A quote from the man, the legend, Mr Lionel Spilkin:

A new chapter in Gauteng frisbee begins! The Rangers have a culture of intense competition and athleticism and a devil take all attitude. We don’t believe that the “spirit of the game” principles that differentiate ultimate from the pack are for losers and the mentally weak. We do believe it is spirited to make a good call and stick to it!

The next step for Ranger Danger is probably to get nice looking shirts. With skulls on. Yup, that’s a thing. Then start some practices and maybe create a team. We’ll keep you posted. Keep your eyes open for the skull shirts at Rocktober 2017 and join us for a pickup. Everyone welcome.

Ps: thanks to everyone who gave time & effort to Ranger Danger. You are amazing!

Rangers fb.jpg


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