Bring Felix to South Africa !

by Ellie (Skyveld)
The GFDA has just launched its crowd funding campaign to generate the funds necessary to bring Coach Felix to South Africa.  We are at 16% and looking for your support.  Don’t sit back and watch, get involved in uplifting an entire province !  (The campaign is live here.)

But why should I contribute ?

  • To support Orange Farm Ultimates & Soweto Ultimates

With the recent conversation about transformation in South African Ultimate, this is the perfect opportunity to put your money where your mouth is !  Bringing an international coach to up skill our Outreach teams, especially just before Nationals, will ensure they are competitive locally.   For the players who have recently tried out for the Wild Dogs team, this could make the difference in their selection.
  • Because our two University teams need support

Felix will be running a special clinic for our two University teams who have been struggling (Tuks on the verge of folding and Wits bottom of the table at 2016 tournaments).  Participants will learn how to recruit, retain, and develop players at university level.  Universities are the number one source of new players in our community, and ensuring we have strong university programs will help Gauteng Ultimate to grow.  Fully fledged university programs will also allow recognition by USSA.
  • This will benefit YOU too !!

A stronger Ultimate community in Gauteng means a more competitive league and more solid tournaments !  Felix will be running a paid clinic for established clubs in Gauteng, with a session focused on players and one for coaches/leaders.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our community to improve dramatically just before Nationals in April and to prepare for Africa Club Champs in June.

So what are you waiting for ? Make a donation today and let’s make this happen together !


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