Fantastic Fours

by Jedd (Ultitude)

I cannot take the credit for this tournament entirely. It was the brain-child of Robin Willis, but sadly due to her work commitments in a far way land she never got to see it take shape – which means we’ll definitely have to do it again! And given the success we enjoyed with the first run I’m positive that Fantastic Fours will be coming back soon.
The central idea of Ultitude’s Fantastic Fours tournament was to kick off the Ultimate season by bringing Gauteng Ultimate together with as many new faces as we could muster. Each team was required to have at least one absolutely new player in their midst. Some teams came with as many as 4 newbies – all of whom quickly caught on and showed just how easy that Ultimate bug can bite. We hope that these new players will find a home in one of the many Jo’burg clubs, and become part of our ever-expanding family.
When I was planning this tournament I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time and that players that had come a long way would be disappointed with the meagre 4 games that I could squeeze into the tight time schedule. Speaking for myself, after 2 games of running sprints for 25 minutes at a time, and only having one sub, I wished I had made the games shorter. In this miniature version of the game, with the smaller field and narrower cutting lanes, the pace of play was accelerated and the accuracy of passes became hugely important! I know I had a few passes go awry in the wind and heat and fatigue of constant running.
4 fields, 15 teams, and a slight breeze to temper the heat of the day. We had the perfect weather for some good disc action. Ask anyone – it was a great day. If you have some good stories post them in the comments-section. We’re always happy to hear your war-stories!
The final standings:
  1. The Jedsons
  2. 2Thirds
  3. Monty’s Pythons
  4. Rangers
  5. The Mighty Hucks
  6. Soweto 1
  7. Los Quatros
  8. Huck Buddies
  9. Soweto 3
  10. Funk Soul Frisbee
  11. Chingu Champs
  12. Huckjacking Crime Pigeons
  13. Ninja Onion Slicers
  14. Soweto 2 & Wits Blue Line
The Jedsons won the final on universal point, against 2Thirds, in what can only be described as an epic battle! Either team could have taken the game, and in the end it was a lucky pass that closed it out. Congratulations to all the teams for showcasing what Ultimate Frisbee has to offer, and showing everyone what great athletes we are!
Thanks to the top 3 finishers, who donated their winnings to the Soweto club’s lunch fund – I know the 3 teams that travelled from the south really appreciated the gesture! Ultitude thanks the Gauteng family for participating, and we hope to see you all in the league soon!


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