A learning experience: CPT Wild Dogs trials

by Tokelo (Soweto Ultimate)

It was on Friday morning 3 February when we arrived at Lanseria International airport: that’s when it started to really sink in that we are going to fly to Cape Town. Nervous as anything as it was our first time flying in a plane and also going to Cape Town. As the plane was just about to take off Tee-kay and Tshepo gave each other the anxious smile.

At Lanseria International Airport. Carol, Tee-kay and Tshepo.

The  Cape Town trials marked the final step towards sending a South African Under 24 team to the 2018 World championships to be hosted by Australia, in Perth from January 7-13 2018. (The first trials were held at Pirates rugby Club in Johannesburg-December 2016.)

We (Tee-kay, Tshepo and Carol)  attended the Joburg trials so we had an idea of what was expected and what we needed to do to give ourselves a chance to represent South Africa. We were also familiar with some of the players which made things easier and fun. I believe everybody gave their best 110% as players were running hard, pushing themselves, diving for the disc, motivating and supporting each other, the level of intensity was a bit low though compared to the Joburg trials.

Tee-kay and Carol at the Cape Town trials representing Soweto Ultimate and Gauteng.

Tshepo of Soweto Ultimate. In action during the Cape Town trials.

The experienced players and coaches gave us tips and cheered us on which helped and pushed us to improve our game. The wind made it difficult to throw. Carol, Soweto Ultimate vice captain said that going to the Cape Town trials helped her get experience of playing in different environment – conditions to those of Joburg and also that the drills we did really helped and she will try to implement them when in playing and practicing.

I (Tee-kay)  was staying  with the guy called David Zomora, a Ghost Colombian player. The sweetest guy I have ever met, it felt like I have known him for years. Just before the first session of the trials  on Saturday, David said to me that I should try to keep my throws down as Cape Town is very windy, he showed me how to perfect certain throws like the scoober, high release backhand and inside-out forehand:throwing techniques which all came in handy for the trials. We did a lot of drills that focused on throwing, communication, speed, creating and breaking a mark , thinking etc.

A gift I received from David. Also gave me a Colombia ultimate short.

After the trials, we toured around Cape Town, went to sea point to relax and have fun.

It was a wonderful learning experience at the trials. I would like to thank Charlotte Joordan for ensuring that we get to the Cape Town trials and supporting us. The love and care she gives us,  we appreciate it. Would also like to thank Nick one of the coaches for also playing a part in funding us and also thanks to everyone who wished us well and supports Soweto Ultimate Dikwankwetla. Ultimate rocks !


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