Binnelanders ‘17

By Karien Scribante (Wits Voodoo Kudus)

By Binnelanders I mean the tournament, not the Afrikaans soapy, but, like the television series, it ended up being infectious and successful.

This year it was handed over to the Wits Voodoo Kudus’ committee. As the Secretary, there was a couple of times throughout the months of planning that I thought to myself: who in their right mind would hand-over a whole tournament to a bunch of circa 20-year- olds?

In hindsight, it was a great idea.


Because we are young and, you know, meant to rebel or break the mould or whatever, we found small ways to shake things up this year. Okay fine, having Snapscan and ditching the party for sundowners wasn’t really #FeesMustFall worthy, but it did make life easier. And creating the Information Pack to be readable in WhatsApp and distributing it in such a manner really was a game changer to be noted for future tournaments, in my own opinion.

Suffice to say, the committee had fun in organising the tournament. The teams that attended were:

  •  Wits Voodoo Kudus (obviously)
  •  Ultitude
  •  Skyveld
  •  Zone Rangers
  •  Soweto Ultimate
  •  Orange Farm Ultimate
  •  Potch Ultimate
  •  Long Donkeys (with a Bunny thrown in the mix).

Summer League had just ended in Gauteng and many of the teams got a chance to face their key opposition again. Ultitude and Ranger Danger toughed it out twice with each taking home a win in the end. Wits and Soweto also had a chance to push each other twice with Soweto coming out as the victors.


Besides this, the teams enjoyed having Potch and the Long Donkeys there to change things up a bit. The Long Donkeys gave the Gauteng players a way to measure themselves with national standards, especially for Skyveld which emerged from the Summer League as the best in Gauteng. Potch came with a large (and fit) representation, which was fantastic to see. They played a strong, well-spirited game for such a new team and special recognition has to go to their women who proved to be the biggest opposition. It was brilliant to see the women marking even tighter then the men, but it also sucked because, well, they were marking me…

The Saturday night saw an exhibition game of the Wild Dogs against a nomination team- each team nominating a man and a woman for it (Wits didn’t cheat, Ultitude found a loophole in our wording and nominated one of our own). It ended up being a fantastic but tough game. You could see that the nomination team were having a blast but, as they later said in the spirit circle, they wanted to give the Wild Dogs their strongest game so that they could really learn from the experience.

I had the honour of being a substitute and playing with the Wild Dogs in the game and really got a chance to see the team in action. The focus, skill and camaraderie made me proud of our future South African representatives. It was

particularly nice to see two team mates gelling together on the field like Paul Nussey and Ruben van Aswegen or Daniel and Bernice Rushton – okay, the siblings don’t count but it sure was cool seeing them work together.

Each team and each player will have their own highlights of the tournament. For Ultitude, it would be finally getting the win over Ranger Danger on a universal point. For Skyveld, it would be giving the Long Donkeys a run for their money. I myself had a few favourite moments:

In the game against Potch, the disc came my way in the end zone. I grabbed it but fumbled a bit but luckily, determination won out and I gained possession. Jarrod Banks (who played with Wits at the tournament much to our excitement) was behind me and did not see me gain control of the disc and subsequently grabbed me in a hug to ensure that it stayed put, to our and the tam’s amusement.

Lastly, in one of their games, Baden Dowie managed to get the disc past a very determined Justus Immelman to his wife, Catherine. She then gave the assist to Baden’s score (pictures below). Besides the fact that I’m sentimental, it struck me because it is what women in ultimate need to see most- that being a wife and mother does not hamper your ability to be a kick-ass frisbee player in any way. And that you should throw to women. Especially if it is your wife (and she’s open). In fact, it should replace “thou shalt obey” in wedding vows. I’m done now.

The Finals Rankings for 2017 are as follows :

Results from Binnelanders 2017
1- Pietermaritzburg Ultimate Frisbee – The Long Donkeys
2-Skyveld Ultimate
3-Ultitude Ultimate Frisbee
4-Ranger Danger
5-Soweto Ultimate Dikwangkwetla
6-Wits Ultimate Frisbee Club: The Voodoo Kudus
7-Potch Ultimate
8-Orange Farm Ultimates

Mvp male- Daniel (donkeys)
Mvp Female- Lazya (potch)
Most scores and assists- Ryan (donkeys)

Spirit Scores for Binnelanders :
1. Potch Ultimate
2. Pietermaritzburg Ultimate Frisbee – The Long Donkeys
3. Wits Ultimate Frisbee Club: The Voodoo Kudus
4. Skyveld Ultimate
5. Orange Farm Ultimates
6. Zone Rangers
7. Soweto Ultimate Dikwangkwetla
8. Ultitude Ultimate Frisbee


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