Ultitude at Nationals

by Brian (Ultitude)
Now THAT was fun! A double-cab full of Ultitude players arrived at the polo fields in Howick, where the 2017 South-African-Flying-Disc-Nationals competition was held a few weeks ago. It was late Friday afternoon, the lowering sun was glowing nicely and besides nice smooth lawn stretching out forever, all you could see was pine forest, rolling hills and a picturesque, rocky outcrop in the distance. Most of the Ultitude team camped on the edges of the playing fields, ready for action. Friday night was about setting up tents, eating something, drinking something and being excited about tomorrow.
On Saturday morning all the teams gathered. There was a friendly hello from the organisers and each team was invited up to the front to have a photo taken with their team flag. Go Ultitude! And then the games began. Our first game was against Chilli from CT – we fought hard but they came out ahead. Next we played Salusa-Rangers and we won! Go Ultitude!! The weather was pleasantly warm and we all looked great in our new kit. They had set up outdoor showers with great water pressure, piping hot. We cleaned up and then spent the night mingling around our camp sight and the main club house, which was a very short stroll away. There was a bar, music, fires and a vendor selling burgers and hot dogs the whole weekend.
Sunday was time for business. We had 3 games lined up and needed to win the first 2, to get into the ‘top-4’ play-offs. We started nice and early against Wits. They never gave up but we won. Go Ultitude!!! Our next game was against Ghost from CT and boy was this a game to remember. Captain Jedd promised to streak around the fields if we won and apparently everyone wanted to see that because WE WON!!! Both teams were on top form and after an hour and a half of heated effort, it was next point wins. Jedd threw a nice huck into the end zone where Ali made us all proud with an above the head catch! Everybody jumped up and went bezerk, running and screaming and crying and high fiving and it really was like a Hollywood movie scene! Go Ultitude!!!!
We had some lunch and then came up against the Senior Long Donkey team. I’m pretty sure that we performed better than what the score reflected but they killed us. Non-the-less we were in the top 4, it was party night and we celebrated. We ate, we drank, we were merry. Che and Devin entered the hamburger eating competition. Quite a few of us got in on the line dancing and I think pretty much everybody at the event saw Jedd live up to his word, when out of nowhere we saw his lilly white ass streaking across the fields!! Go Captain!!!! And then late into the evening there was more hooting and hollering as a few brave men played a quick game of naked Ultimate for everybody to see LOL.
Monday was our final game, against Chili from CT again. We came closer the 2nd time but they won in the end. So 4th place was ours and we took it! Go Ultitude!!!!! Once of the nice things about the set-up there was a big yellow, Bedouin-vibe, stretchy tent, in-between some of the fields. There was fun music coming out of it the whole time, lots of shade and a team of chiropractic students which came in handy. The finals game was next to that tent where the Senior Long Donkeys lost to UCT. Well done to them!!!! People said good bye and thank you and all kind of left at their own pace, some stayed for the closing ceremony.
It wasn’t easy to leave…… I would have much preferred to have stayed on and lived there forever, in Ultimate Frisbee heaven sigh…. See you all next year!

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