Gauteng Flying Disc Association Annual General Meeting

9 April 2017
46+ attendees
GFDA comm members in attendance : Fergus, Ellie, Justus, James, Arno, Paul, Fresh, Lindelani, Baden, Dan and Gareth
17h39 Welcome from the President, Fergus
17h41 Financial Presentation from the Treasurer, Justus
2016/2017 Financial Year – General Report
April 2016 to March 2017 2016/2017 2015/2016
EVENT INCOME 77,810.00 123,973.50
DONATION INCOME 13,845.00 36,802.21
SALES INCOME 19,330.00 9,310.00
ADVERTISING (3,578.62)
BANK CHARGES (1,171.49) (1,483.37)
DONATION EXPENSES (6,000.00) (2,943.16)
CONSUMABLES (4,851.05) (5,205.00)
COST OF SALES (12,811.60) (9,643.53)
SAFDA PLAYER FEES (11,790.00) (13,500.00)
EVENT COSTS (71,420.53) (110,726.92)
CLOSING BALANCE: 26,484.59 26,583.73

Some key points to take away from the above:

  • Our main income source has shifted from events to sales, thus creating more value for the community and placing less of a burden on the community (in the form of high tournament fees).
  • Our advertising spend has increased, expanding our player base, but also giving us more public visibility and getting more people talking about Ultimate.
  • We have donated more than 200% of what we donated last year 😀
  • Our financial position is strong, allowing us to fund disc imports and bankroll other projects.
17h47 5 Year Plan and Objectives Presentation from the President, Fergus
and including at 17h50 WFDF Funding (Ellie), 17h55 High School Development (Baden)
Key points:
  • Solidify objectives of the organisation
  • Develop competitive teams to compete in national and international events
  • Maintain positive growth of the sport
18h02 Discussion around what format the winter league(s) should take
18h15 Vote :
A. Mixed Draft League (5 votes)
B. Open and Women’s League (18 votes)
C. Open and Mixed League (15 votes)
18h25 ExCo nominations and vote – as only the current ExCo was nominated and seconded, and have accepted the nominations they will remain in their current roles
18h27 Discussion around Spirit
  • Each player needs to do online accreditation, onus is on each one of us to take responsibility
18h30 President closes AGM

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