Thank you from our Wild Dogs

This year’s Mixed Nationals were held in the Midlands, logistically and financially a difficult destination for our two outreach teams, Orange Farm Ultimates and Soweto Ultimates to attend.  Faced with missing out on a key date of the South Africa Ultimate calendar as well as an opportunity to play in the All Wild Dogs Match, we launched an appeal for help for teams willing to welcome Sizwe, Lindelani, Carol and Teekay to their squad.  The GFDA is deeply grateful for these teams which have shown a commitment to transformation and great Spirit – we have contributed 500 rands to each team who sponsored a player’s expenses.

Here is some feedback from the players themselves :

Sizwe (Orange Farm Ultimates)


Nationals were very great, I’ve never experienced such play time and it was my first time being to Nationals. I was playing for Salusa Rangers, that team was awesome. I enjoyed each and every match cause I even got 3 MVP’s, and I also loved the travelling.  I had a great time, especially with my team, they were so accommodating that they paid all my expenses and I was very grateful of that.  They treated me like family. The experience I got from the tournament made me want to participate on each and every Nationals tournament cause there’s a lot I wanna achieve from Ultimate. I just can’t wait for the next tournament. 

Carol (Soweto Ultimate)18157591_623221517888468_178136825210765875_n.jpg

I would like to thank Skyveld for going with me to Nationals.  I had fun and learned a lot at Nationals especially playing with more experienced people.  Skyveld made me feel welcomed into the skyfamily and I can’t wait to start practicing with the skyfamily.

My highlight of the weekend was when I assisted a point against Donkeys.  Fortunate enough for me going to Nationals was a big training weekend for me to prepare for (Wild Dogs).  Its only six months ago when I started to play/know about frisbee and I can’t wait to learn more from Skyveld.

I’d like to thank Sipho (Mr Bling) for transport, Sally for mental fitness, Sean for all the warm ups and cool down exercise, my body feels awesome, also thanks Justus and Sipho for new boots and actually thanks to the whole Skyveld. #SKYFAMILY

Lindelani (Orange Farm Ultimates)


I’m writing this to thank the team that was hosting me in Nationals, Ultitudes Grey Wolves, it was very good to play with Ultitude and it was my first time playing in Nationals since I started playing Ultimate.  The team was welcoming and felt like I was playing for my team. I now have a lot of experience on how to play, like doing cuts, throws, runs and how to encourage and guide team mates. Playing for another team is very good because you learn things that  your team don’t know yet, I can now stand in front of my team mates and teach them what I have learnt.  Playing for the Wild Dogs means a lot to me in this stage if go in the field I know what is needed from me. I never thought that I could be one of the players that will represent South Africa ! I love Ultimate.

Teekay (Soweto Ultimate)


Nationals playing for Hammerheads was not that wonderful until the final day. I am grateful to Adams (Captain of the Hammerheads and Mike (Vice captain and Wild dogs teammate) for allowing me to play for their team. 

The first day, which was on a Saturday, I was so looking forward to playing and excited but I only played about 9 points in four games – Saturday 4 and Sunday 5.  It was only after the Wild Dogs vs Wild Dogs game that I started playing more points with Adam explaining that it was difficult to play me as he didn’t know what I was capable of but after the Wild Dogs game I started enjoying, having fun and playing Ultimate. Sunday which was the final day I played a lot and contributed with a lot of assists and points as well. Vs Galeforce 3 goals and 5 assists that was our first win and vs UCT 2nd team(6 assists and 2 points) and a couple of Ds. 

My highlight was playing the Wild Dogs vs Wild Dogs game. It was a night game and the support and the atmosphere was breathtaking. Playing in front of so many people was nerve racking and exciting. Hearing my Hammerhead teammates from the stands shouting my name supporting me was wow, it was just brilliant. I enjoyed that game. My Wild Dogs team won, I think I was on the light team, ya we won and it was great receiving compliments from players I didn’t know and your teammates – it shows that I am doing something right.

Ya so I would say playing for the Hammerheads in Nationals helped a bit in that I had to adapt to playing with different players of different abilities to that of Soweto Ultimate, I had to learn quickly and play in a different style meaning making adjustments to my game. At the end I would say it was not a bad tournament overall. I made a couple of friends and felt part of the Hammerheads family and team.

The All Wild Dogs Match :18192379_644032775791107_2126750038500912937_o


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