Not Alone.

by Baden (Zone Rangers)
After hearing the news of the talented Gauteng Ultimate athletes selected to represent U24 South African Ultimate in Australia, Tee-kay (Soweto Ultimate) and I laid-out some potential fundraising ideas on the table. We brainstormed and got to work. Out of all the solutions floating in the air, we grabbed the mini-tournament idea like a floaty disc. Yes, a mini tournament after winter league sounded like a great idea, a chance to bring the Gauteng Ultimate community back together again after a stunning winter league.
Tee-kay immediately secured a date and the GFDA created a Facebook event to spread the word. Sizwe and Lindelani (Orange Farm Ultimates) joined the discussion and  we thought why not turn this thing into a fundraiser for the Wild Dogs and we can even sell refreshments on the day !  By this time Paul (Wits Kudus) had secured Wits Fields, and that’s when I flicked out an arty farty flyer to make this whole thing official.  Next, all we needed was the words of wisdom from Wayne’s World / Mike Meyers- “If you build it they will come” and so we began.
The Wild Dogs 5v5 fundraiser event was a much needed post winter league event, charging minimum R50 a player – we were astounded by the generosity of the Gauteng Ultimate Community as each player donated more than was expected.
Master league organiser Sean (Skyveld) advised us to run a round robin for the day which would allow for a “everyone plays everyone” structure for maximum game time.
The Teams competing were :
  • SassTalk Smack Juic e- A combination of Skyveld players and some folks with red lipstick whom I had never seen before
  • Wits Blue – A team of long haired academic types
  • Wild Dogs – A blood thirsty group of young guns out to prove something
  • 5’s Alive – A band of athletes fixed with one goal in mind- defeat everyone and everything
  • Chuck Float – or was it floating chucks? Whoever they were they looked pretty seasoned
Each team played 4 x 40  min games of hard core dry winter turf Ultimate. It was hard to choose which of the two fields to spectate from as there was some unbelievable competitive up field, big air, tight end zone scoring action with a, as usual, stunning splash of Gauteng Ultimate Spirit. So good it was beautiful !
The tourney also welcomed a handful of ringers and new players who were snatched up by the existing teams and these guys were on that disc like grannies to tea, tyres to road, like cold hands to gloves… teams were glad they arrived with the crazy 160 min total tournament that was ahead of everyone.
The final results
  • SassTalk Smack Juice winning the tounamant with 4 wins;
  • 5’s Alive- 3 wins;
  • Wits Blue- 2 wins;
  • Wild Dogs-  1 win; and
  • Chuck Float – the sparring partner of the day with 0 wins.
The day was the great success filled with some awesome layouts, amazing D’s and Spirit. This group of like minded disc loving individuals shared a Saturday together all in the name of supporting our own: supporting and encouraging and reminding fellow community members that dreams do come true. The future of ultimate in Gauteng looks bright planted by the tiny sparks that everyone brought on that awesome community Saturday on 29 July 2017.
Money raised for our Wild Dogs on the day stands at R2200 – with more streaming in daily thanks to donations by generous people worldwide.
Each Wild Dog player needs R30 000 to get them to U24 World Championships in Australia. If you would like to donate and support this awesome initiative, please contact or visit

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