Ghost at Rocktober: a spooky review

by Doug (Ghost Ultimate)

For the second time in as many tournaments, Cape Town’s Ghost Ultimate would lose a quarter-final on universe point.

At Mixed Nationals 2017, a resilient Ultitude would pip us at the post after we traded points for most of the game. However, this time around, Ghost was a different team and had a different story…

Months earlier, at Casa Anna in the shadow of Lions Head, six double shots were lined up for our new recruits. They threw them back like champs and a new-look Ghost started to take shape, one with a much younger average age and plenty of smiles.

Rocktober 2017 was the first outing for our changing team, punctuated by our new kit all the way from Zue Ultimate in Colombia. The 900 emails it took to organise said kit made it feel all the more better on our skin.

In our opening match, Ghost was challenged early on by 4th Prime, with their zone causing turnovers, but a strong second half got us the first ‘W’ of the weekend. Potch Ultimate, looking lean and mean in their new kit, produced some athletic plays but we kept them at bay.

Revenge is not a word we like to use, but a comfortable win over Ultitude in Game 3 went some way to erasing the memory from Nationals. Next up was BUF, who were completely out on their feet late in the day.

Our final furore on Saturday was a head-scratching crossover game against Chilli Heat. The Pinelands outfit ran out to a 6-0 lead, but Ghost rallied in the second half to eventually go down 11-8.

Sunday morning saw us up against Heat’s grizzly elder sibling, Chilli Legends. With the younger workhorses keeping their zone intact, we struggled for consistency on offence and 11-8 down, it was a game to 12.

A great defence point and a quick score instilled belief that the game was not over and a late rally saw Ghost level matters at 11-all. Ironically, it would be Ghostie-on-loan Marc Lewis that sent a pinpoint flick huck downwind for the winning score. Fret not Marc, we still love you!

Next was the younger of the two French teams from Au Ouh Puc, which we had all hoped to be up against at some point in the tournament. Both teams played some clinical ultimate but our athletic defence proved to be the difference.

Meanwhile, there was much excitement on the field next door as Ghost frenemies Catch 22 had upset Chilli Heat for a landmark victory. Fittingly, this meant we faced each other for our tournament’s final game.

After Ghost earned a few easy scores against man defence, Catch switched to zone and made us work hard to get the victory in a superbly spirited game.

The spirit circle was an emotional one, with it being the last for our beloved coach Jonathan Aronson and resident ‘Sheila’ Anna Coussens, who are off to pastures anew.

Rocktober 2017 provided a snippet into the future of Ghost and 2018 really can’t come quick enough. Vamos Fantasma Vamos!

Coach Chron bids farewell 😢💚

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