Born to Fly : Dream at Rocktober

by Fresh (Soweto Ultimate)
After Being From Port Elizabeth Opens Nationals In August With The Men’s Team Participating There, It Was An Adventure Again As The Mixed Dream Team Squad Went On And Got Featured To The Rocktober Tournament As Our 1st Mixed Tournament With Players Both From Soweto And Orange Farm Respectively.
With Some Players Participated In The Tournament Before It Was A Great Feeling To Be Back Again And Compete. With A Flair And Style Of Play Combined As One It Was A Killer Team. Preparations For The Tournament Have Been Happening In Soweto And Orange Farm Where Players Are Based And We’ve Been Alternating On A Training Schedule Every Week. It Was A Huge And Great Honour To Welcome And Have AOP In The Motherland South Africa And Actually Be In The Historic Soweto Township For A Warm Up Game A Week Before In Preparations For The Rocktober Tournament. Not Only They Came To Play But Made A Huge Impact In Frisbee Development And Had A Huge Donation Too To The Frisbee Community Of Youngsters In Soweto.
30th September, Match Day, The Rocktober Tournament It Had Finally Kicked Off And The Teams Came In Numbers And In Good High Spirit Also. Dream Team Stole The Shine With Everyone Going Crazy Over Our Newly Designed T-Shirts From The Gauteng Flying Disc Association. Everyone Couldn’t Hide The Fact That They Wished Their T-shirt Was Like That, Which Made The Dream Team Extra Ordinary In The Tournament. First Match Started Of With AOP Bagetelle, Beating Dream Team On A Very Tough 1st Match. Catch 22 Was The Next Team And It Had The Coaches And Founder Of Ultimate Development In Soweto & Orange Farm, Which Was Very Heart Warming To Play With Our Mentors And Learn More As We Play, Losing Again But It Was A Fun Match. We Recorded Our First Win Of The Tournament With Our Fellow Brothers And Sisters Wits Voodoo Kudus And Got Champions, Long Donkeys On Our Fourth Match, Experiencing Ultimate 411. Having Lost 3 Matches Already And 1 Win, It Was Time We Got Back Again On Our Last Match Of The First Day As We Faced Off A Team From Mozambique, Dabique To Another 2nd Win Of All 5 Matches We Played.
Sunday Morning Was Very Hectic With The Cab Broke Down On Our Way To The Grounds Again Which Delayed Us To Our 1st Game With Rangers JHB And Costing Us 5 Points Already As We Start The Second Day On A Bad Note And Frustrations, Went In And Gave Rangers A Run For Their Money And Had A Some Hiccups During The Game Which Shook People Also Watching Haven’t Seen Such A Hard Fought Game In A While And Both Teams Fighting Hard To Win The Game, With Rangers Taking That One Home Though It Was An Evenly A Bad Spirited Game, Players Discussed And Solved All The Issues On A Good Note. Going To Our Second Game Of Day 2 We Met The Ultimaniacs From Swaziland And Won The Game Picking Up Momentum For The Next Game Against 4th Prime Which Saw Us Losing That Last Game And Getting The 14th Position Out Of 20 Teams Present.
What A Fun Filled Tournament It Was, Congratulations To The Long Donkeys Taking This One To Pietermaritzburg. The Journey To The Tournament Was Very Awesome And A Huge Thank You To Gauteng Ultimate For An Awesome Contribution On The Fiery Dream Team Kit And Thanks To The Organisers For A Smooth Running Administration On Both Days. We Hope To Come Back At This Again Next Year With More Power And Maybe Fight For The Silverware. A Huge Thank You To My Team For Coming Out In Numbers And Enjoyed Playing On Both Games. We Hope To See Everyone Again Next Year!!

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