Elevation’s 1st Rocktober

By Lazya Greyvenstein (Elevation – Potch Ultimate)  

Reviewed by Andrew Wallis & Melandi Pretorius

For Elevation – Potch Ultimate Rocktober 2017 started months before the actual tournament. The excitement started from being accepted to take part in this prestigious tournament and now, afterwards, reliving some of the awesome moments captured of our video team – CFD Productions. Our club only started in February this year (2017), so Rocktober 2017 is only Elevation – Potch Ultimate’s second official tournament, and with that, it’s our biggest tournament to date – what a wonderful journey it has been up until now, being able to end off our first year as a club at Rocktober – AWESOME!

Our strong knit committed Elevation family worked hard to prepare for this tournament and it can really be said that each player went the extra mile (or should I say: The 1000m dash J). All this effort was put in to ensure that each one of us give our very best for the team. The players really committed and rarely missed practice and even the 2 to 3 days fitness days, that left our lungs screaming, were attended by most of the players. To sum up: Elevation – Potch Ultimate was ready to go and give our very best – going out in style with our awesome kit designed by Mitch Horn and manufactured in record time by Tiger clothing (Benoni) – A great thanks to Eliza (owner of Tiger Clothing) and Tony for their exceptional part in this!

Finally our hard work was put to the test as it was time to walk onto the fields at Rocktober! To kick the tournament off we had to take on Ultitude and what a hard fought battle it was. At some stage Elevation had a 2+ point lead and we were determined to put this game in our pocket. However with some incredible hucks and by capitalizing on our mistakes, Ultitude had a change in tactics, and went through to win the game 12-10.


The next game had us facing the very experienced and spooky Ghost team. Ghost did not waste time to show us why they are one of the top teams in SA; as they were focused and precise, making their score a bit of a mountain to climb. We struggled but kept on working hard throughout the game. At the end of the day Ghost was just too spooky for us, this time around, and won by a landslide.


With no time to waste after our game against Ghost we had to get ready to face 4th Prime. We knew that they were one of the newer teams and most probably were going to come out hard and they did. It was truly a fun and good spirited game. We were really playing well and hard and were on a roll. With our coach’s nose almost being broken by a very eager 4th Prime lady that ran hard into him, it was evident that both teams really wanted to win the game; however we were not going to be stopped and at the end pulled through with our first win for the tournament.



Again having no time to relax we were off to our 4th game of the day – this time facing the Flying Dutchmen from Bloem. They, having much less players than Elevation and with only 4 ladies, really put up a very hard fought game. We were neck on neck till the end. There were definitely no lack in communication between the two teams; we were all probably enjoying the opportunity to talk Afrikaans 😉 The Flying Dutchmen gave us a good run for our money, however in the end Elevation ended up winning our 2nd game of the tournament. Then it was time for a well-deserved rest; as 4 games in a row was, to say the least… tiring!

Our last game of the day was Chilli Legends. This was a good, hard and well – spirited game, ending our first day on a high note. The Chilli Legends showed us exactly why they are the Chilli LEGENDS as they clearly knew each other very well and it showed in their game. In addition, they had great plays and throws and we can go on and on but the point is they were very good and we appreciate the experience. Our team learned a lot from playing against them and still had big smiles on our faces even though we lost by a big margin.


Day 2 of the tournament had our team realizing how little we have really played in windy conditions. We really battled against the wind especially starting the day off against the Bunnies. This game was a character test for our team as we were truly struggling with our throws and breaking the zone defence of the Bunnies; the character test went great as the spirit remained high… the game on the other hand… not so much… We lost the game but Elevation was not put down by it; this proved that even during very difficult games we kept our spirit elevated and kept on building each other up. We kept our heads high and gave our all, every point until the game was over.


Next we faced 4th Prime once again… This time around 4th Prime got us on the back foot with their zone defence and the wind, causing us to have to work extra hard. We were trailing by half time by 4+ points and had to fight hard to get ourselves back in the game. Unfortunately the time cap caught up to us and we lost the game with one point – this was rather unfortunate, but as the saying go’s – too little too late.

Our last game was against Ultimaniacs and WOW did they make us run! We were especially glad during this game about the gruelling fitness sessions we had to endure in our prep training, as they made us run around non-stop! By half time we had a good lead of 3+ points, however Ultimaniacs never gave up and at the end, going into the hard cap, they beat us with one point – this was a let-down being our last game, but hats off to Ultimaniacs for your persistence!

Rocktober 2017 can be summed up, as a tournament that taught us a lot about Ultimate and life lessons we will cherish forever. It did, also fuel our passion for the game and our club and we are already looking forward to the next great tournaments in 2018.

A bit of feedback from some of our players and what stood out for them:

“Positivity of all the club members – not focusing on each other’s faults but edifying one another to move past mistakes and play to the best of our ability. What stood out the most for me and what I won’t trade for all the money in the world was: We felt like a family and grew each game closer and closer.” (Johan Botha)


“The dedication from the team in general to work towards Rocktober stood out the most; this being at fitness, skills or structured training. The fact that everybody went the extra mile for this common goal of performing as best as we can also stood out for me and I believe it paid off. We gave some really good teams quite a scare with the fact that we were more fit than some of them, which was especially the case on the first day when the wind was not yet a factor.” (Johan Havenga)


“Rocktober was an absolute blast – It was a fantastic opportunity for us as a young Elevation team to grow together and give everything we had to give – focussing on and playing for one another in the team. What I really enjoyed is to see this game grow and how more and more people are getting really excited about this sport, and the different teams being friendly and kind as they taught us a few things about the sport. A great thanks to the organizers for putting this all together. Looking forward to what the near future holds for Ultimate in SA! Thanks guys!” (Andrew Wallis)


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