Rocktober 2017 Results

by Rudi (Skyveld)

A successful Rocktober 2017 was held at the East Rand Polo Club in Bapsfontein on the 7th and 8th of October 2017. The tournament was the largest Roctober ever held with a massive 20 teams from South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and France!  This also makes it the largest Ultimate tournament in Africa!  With ten full sized fields going at the same time, there was no shortage of Ultimate over the weekend.

This year was particularly innovative, as it was the first time we offered camping during the tournament – which a number of players made use of despite the best efforts of the weather to introduce them to night swimming!

It was also the first time that we invited overseas teams to attend, and we lucky to have the amazing players from Ah Ouh PUC come to celebrate their club’s birthday on African soil.  Beyond being skilled and the novelty of new faces (in a smaller Ultimate community you can’t image how much this is appreciated) AOP also brought incredibly generous donations for the GFDA’s outreach projects and even gave a day of their holiday to volunteer during a Heritage Day Tournament in Soweto.

On Day 1, teams were placed in 4 pools according their seeding. Each team was put through their paces and played a whopping 5 games.  A competitive day of Ultimate for sure!  While this was exhausting, with so many “unknown” teams the TOC was eager to ensure sufficient cross over matches for a fair tournament.


On Saturday night Monkey’s Wedding jammed out during the party with a crazy lights show of thunder and lightning.


On Day 2, following the cross over games the tournament moved into its playoffs and finals stage of the tournament. In the end the Long Donkeys regained the Rocktober crown after a hard fought match against the UCT Flying Tigers!

The final standings are as follows:

Final standings :

  1. Pietermaritzburg Ultimate Frisbee – The Long Donkeys
  2. UCT Ultimate
  3. Ah Ouh Puc – Paris Ultimate Bagatelle
  4. Chilli Ultimate Legends
  5. Ghost Ultimate Club
  6. Catch 22 Ultimate
  7. Chilli Ultimate Heat
  8. Ah Ouh Puc – Paris Ultimate Invalides
  9. Durban Ultimate Bunnies
  10. Rangers Ultimate
  11. Ultitude Ultimate Frisbee
  12. Skyveld Ultimate
  13. 4th PRIME Ultimate
  14. Dream Team
  15. Ultimaniacs (Swaziland)
  16. Elevation – Potch Ultimate
  17. Bloem Ultimate Frisbee
  18. Wits Ultimate Frisbee Club: The Voodoo Kudus
  19. Rangers Ultimate Disks of Hazard
  20. Da Bique (Mozambique)

Spirit Scores for Rocktober 2017

1 Wits Ultimate Frisbee Club: The Voodoo Kudus (12.63)

2 Ah Ouh Puc – Paris Ultimate Bagatelle (12.38)

3 Skyveld Ultimate (12.25)

4 4th PRIME Ultimate (11.88)

4 Rangers Ultimate Disks of Hazard (11.88)

6 Ah Ouh Puc – Paris Ultimate Invalides (11.75)

7 Bloem Ultimate Frisbee (11.63)

8 Catch 22 Ultimate (11.50)

9 Chilli Ultimate Legends (11.13)

9 Ghost Ultimate Club (11.13)

11 Da Bique (11.00)

11 UCT Ultimate Flying Tigers (11.00)

13 Durban Ultimate Bunnies (10.88)

14 Elevation – Potch Ultimate (10.63)

15 Pietermaritzburg Ultimate Frisbee – The Long Donkeys (10.38)

16 Dream Team (9.63)

17 Ultitude Ultimate Frisbee Grey Wolves (9.63)

18 Rangers Ultimate Rangers (9.50)

19 Chilli Ultimate Heat (9.38)

20 Ultimaniacs (9.13)

Outstanding performances

The outstanding performances of the tournament go to two players from Bloemfontein Ultimate Frisbee (BUF). They are:

MVP Male: Tiaan

MVP Female: Diandra


Congratulations to all teams and players (about 260) who competed in Rocktober 2017 and thank you for making the long trip out to Bapsfontein!

A huge shout out and word of thanks to the suppliers that came out and kept our tummies full and bodies hydrated! Thanks to Balkan Burgers, Gau-deli and Urban Grind Coffee for coming out to the tournament!

Also a big thanks to East Rand Polo club for the provision of a great venue and amazing fields to host the tournament. (Can we talk about that lapa shade !)

Thanks to the photographers for the hours spent in the sun to grab those amazing tournament photos that everyone looks forward to seeing.

And of course… thanks the RocTOC for all the hours volunteered to put on such a great tournament.

See you all next year !


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