4th Prime // 1st Rocktober

By Ryjin Long, Ryan McFie and Xanthe Holmes (4th Prime)

As far as first tournaments go, this was everything we were hoping for and more. As a new club what we achieved pre-tournament and post has laid the foundations for a competitive and great spirited team for a long time to come. This notion was facilitated obviously by all the great teams we met and played against but largely to a well organised and just brilliantly fun environment, thank you Gauteng Ultimate.

After converging early on a crisp Saturday morning on the east rand polo fields, joined by 6 brilliant players from East London ultimate. The mandate was clear: play good ultimate but let’s focus on spirit and it seemed like everyone got the memo.

With this is mind we came up against:

Ghost. Great game, up and down on the scoreboard until a decent run at the end swung the game toward the Cape Town team with some really talented and intelligent players putting their hands up. Pre-tournament we knew this one would be tough but the positives were plentiful in this opener.

Straight into our second game, we played BUF a very talented side with lots of creative outlets; thanks to a decent run of points Ghost style 😉 we won this game – our first in a competitive competition as a team.

Potch ultimate are a very athletic team, who when they are clicking are very difficult to play against. We learned through our defeat in this game and came back to beat them later in the tournament in an incredibly tightly contested game in the play-offs. These 2 games were great reminders that anything can happen when you play each other twice!

Very much like our pair of games against our new buddies over at Ultitude with a sprinkling of some Rex magic. We can talk about losing a resounding 11-1 on game day 1 and then taking them to the wire on the hard cap in the second game on Sunday but really spirit was the only clear winner when we played this team. Thank you for the epic clashes!

Disks of Hazard are just a lekker team. We would play you guys every day of the week if we could and thank you for further illustrating why spirit is such a vital part of this whole game. Even though we won the game, we felt like both teams and ‘Ultimate’ were winners and were sorry one team had to lose on the scoreboard.

Soweto Ultimate is a team that can trouble any defence out there, we concluded our tournament playing against these guys and flip, they can play. So much credit must go to the young and new players in our side, we were able to win this one with calm heads and a great attitude.

Won 4 lost 4, a very proud record for our club. Only onwards and upwards from here!


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