Ah Ouh Puc (Invalides) en Afrique !

Ah Ouh PUC Invalides is the luckiest team as we get a lazy morning in bed, so to speak : our first game is at 9am, so we got the precious extra hour sleep. Nope, we didn’t wake up to support Bagatelle, they forgave us.

Excited to play our first game in South Africa and coached by Hsing-Hui Hsu (HHH), we started hard and beat the Discs of Hazard 11-1.

Our next game is against Bunnies. Once again, even if most of the team played together for the first time, we managed to find the ‘ultimate vibe’ and we won 11-1.


After a quick lunch break we started our 3rd game against Chili Legend. Amazing food trucks and team pack – we only understood too late that the large plastic boxes were meant to stock 20+ burgers for the team! Still invigorated by our previous victories, we kept the flow. Although we lost Emma who sprained her ankle, we were leading at half time 6-4. We scored another point but all of a sudden the Chilies got hot and scored 4 points in a row so that they were ahead at the cap 7-8. We couldn’t stop them any more so that they scored the match point.


It’s getting tough for our 4th game against UCT Tigers. Only 4 girls, out of which 2 were slightly injured but somehow kept playing. Not so good to play a mixt tournament. Anyway all UCT players fought hard regardless of their gender. They played technical and physical, great ultimate! We did our best and lost, 4-11.


We are ranked 3rd from our pool and play against Ultitude, ranked second from theirs. It’s a tight game. Each team is fighting for the disc. Great D’s and great attack sets on both sides. We managed to keep our advantage and won 10-9 which enables us to play the quarter finals. But we lost another girl along the way. Caz went straight to the hospital after that game and came back with clutches. We are definitely the Invalid(e)s team!


On Sunday we started with a tough team. Bagatelle had warned us but it was not enough, we lost 15-3 against long donkeys.

The will to play is still there. We managed to perform some good offenses but that wasn’t enough. We lost the 5th place against Ghost: 11-14.

For the 7th place, we played Chili Heat. We gave everything for this last game.  So did they! What an awesome game although we lost 11-13. Another teammate, JP, got injured. Although we ate 2 Kg of date, this only kept 8 people alive throughout the tournament, including our great grand Master, who dived to score twice in the final game and made amazing Ds. Coming to think of it we now wonder what was inside some of the dates…

We finished with the 8th place.


All in all, it was a great tournament, fun and good spirited. we hope to have spread some funny silly huddle games, and take great pride in imagining hearing the samurai shouts resonating across all SA frisbee fields.

We thank all the teams and wish we could have played more of them as it’s always fun to play new ones. Thank you so much for welcoming us and making our journey to SA so special!





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