The Disks of Hazard – Rocktober 2017

by Nick du Preez (Rangers Ultimate)

What an amazingly fun tournament! The standard of Ultimate was the highest it has ever been at Roctober and our games were played with the best possible spirit. Thank you to Gauteng Ultimate for this wonderful introduction to competitive Ultimate for so many new players.

We knew we were in for a rough tournament. Our group had UCT Flying Tigers – the top ranked team – in it. The tigers were also our first game. We had the most fun possible in our introductory game which we lost 11-4. An amazing score-line for our inexperienced team.


The adrenaline and excitement from our first game took its toll on us during the second game against the French team, the Invalides. We lost 11-1 but had a great time playing an exciting spirit game (called Samurai) which was a much more closely contested affair. Thanks for sharing your brand of Ultimate! It is much appreciated.

After a long break we played against the Prawn bunnies. They played a very challenging zone defence against us. We really struggled in this game. Our team did an amazing job to stay positive and finished strong, even though – as in many of our games – the score-line of 11-1 did not reflect the competitiveness of our team.

The final group game was against Chilli legends! This game was memorable for the great spirit the old heads of Chilli showed us. The Disks team enjoyed every single point and were keen to get onto the pitch. We struggled in the wind and the experience and calm of the Chilli team taught us how to react to the ever-changing tactics in an Ultimate match.


Our absolute favourite game of the tournament was against 4th Prime. The spirit shown in this game made both teams wish we could play forever. Everybody knows how tired the players were at this point and 4th prime won the closely contested affair. To have so many tired players having so much fun on the pitch is a great example of what spirit means in the game of Ultimate.

The end of day one brought respite for our ever-positive team.

The first game of day 2 brought us up against Tanique. The team from Mozambique had an enormous amount of energy for the beginning of the day 2 to and the Disks team scored 3 unanswered points after hard cap to take the game.


Our hard fought first win preceded a hard-fought loss against Wits Vudukudus. This match went through to hard cap again! The closely contested match – against our Tuks-Wits derby rivals – was an extremely enjoyable game. We all know this game represents the future talent development in Gauteng Ultimate. Shout-out to Wits and the team’s spirit skills for winning the spirit prize at the tournament.

Our final game was against BUF. Our poor team had nothing left. We were walking a fine line between enjoyment and torture. We lost against the fitter BUF side. It was a fun game but at this point the gas tank of the team was empty, drained and needed a lot of rest to recover.


Special thanks to our spirit captain, Edna, for her great work and Steph for the awesome Disks spirit cars. We hope all the award winners still have their little cars in their team colours.

A massive thanks to the Rangers team for assisting in our preparation. All the training made the tournament that much more fun. It is wonderful to see the work you guys are putting into Ultimate development in Gauteng!



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