Swinburne 2018

By Lazya (Potch Ultimate)

The weekend of 17 and 18th February the inlands Ultimate community reunited for its annual hat tournament, hosted at Appin Farm in Swinburne.  With 60 players and a robust waiting list, this year’s event was one of the most anticipated ever.  While it was supposed to be a rainy weekend, we had amazing sun and weather throughout.

This year the roaring of lions kept some people awake throughout the evening and for others served as a very early wake-up call. Like seriously, not as if anyone needed sleep 😋


Due to the smaller field, matches were 6v6, with minimum of 2 ladies on the line.  Each team played 5 matches in a round robin format (playing every single team at least once), with a final at the end of the tournament between Ryan’s Lions and Twice as Nice.

On Saturday night everyone crowded around the fires to braai together – players from Potch and Bloem impressed everyone with their dedication to the flame !  The young Witsies kept everyone entertained with drinking games, while some opted to play board games (or tried to sleep in their tents !).

The weekend was filled with fun and competitive Ultimate games! From layouts, hucks to plenty of running it was truly an awesome tournament.

What made this tournament even more awesome was the stunning scenery and the lions! With that said at times some players felt like the tournament may have been arranged more for the pleasure of the lions as they did seem to enjoy watching us play (almost as if we were their lunch being prepared for them) 😮

It was amazing to see so many new faces! The tournament had plenty of very new players but also some of the old (lets rather say experienced players)…


MVP Male : Danie

MVP Female : Olive, Heather and Joan

1st Place Team : Ryan’s Lions

Best Spirited Team : Mufasa

We look forward to the 2019 tournament which will be hosted by Durban Ultimate.


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