GFDA 2018 AGM Announcement

Hello Gauteng Ultimate,

The 2018 GFDA AGM is coming up and will be held during Binnelanders (Saturday 14th April evening) at Wits.

The purpose of this post is to:

  1.  Seek nominations for the GFDA executive committee 2018-19
  2. Outline agenda items for the AGM, in advance of the meeting
  1. Nominations for GFDA executive committee (due 7th April)

GFDA is governed by:

  • An Executive Committee (“GFDA ExCo”), made up of three members: Chairperson,  Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are elected at the AGM.
  • A broader Committee, made up of representatives from each team in Gauteng. These positions are selected by their respective teams.
  • Additional managers, including but not limited to League Manager, SAFDA Representative, Spirit Chair, and Development Manager. These positions are filled as vacancies arise, and are selected by the current GFDA committee.

Please see the end of this post for a full outline of GFDA positions, roles and responsibilities.

Ahead of the AGM, the Gauteng ultimate community is seeking nominations for the three executive positions : President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Please see the attached except from our Constitution for the nomination process.

  1. AGM Agenda

Last year’s AGM at Wits covered the previous year’s highlights – the minutes can be read here.

The 2018 agenda will include:

  • Year in review: highlights, progress, challenges
  • Financial update

We invite members of the community to raise any other business they believe the AGM should address ahead of the meeting. These submissions will be considered by the GFDA  committee. Submissions can be made to by 31 March.

Please note, this message will be sent out to the GFDA email database, if you have not received it, please speak to your club rep to ensure your email address is added.


GFDA Positions and Roles:

Chairperson: Ensure the Committee functions properly. Ensure the organisation is managed effectively. Represent the organisation as its figurehead. Lead and manage specific GFDA tasks as they arise; delegate others amongst the ExCo and Committee, and ensure they are done.

Secretary: Take minutes and organize committee meetings. Coordinate correspondence with the Gauteng ultimate community. Keep and organise GFDA records and manage membership database. Oversee Gauteng tournaments. Lead and manage specific GFDA initiatives as they arise.

Treasurer: Maintain an overview of the organisation’s financial status. Ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained. Lead and manage specific GFDA initiatives as they arise. The final responsibility for financial matters always rests with the management committee as a whole.

Team representatives (committee members): Attend all GFDA committee meetings (Skype or in person).Ensure each team’s priorities and viewpoints are reflected in GFDA’s decision-making, and disseminate key information from GFDA to their respective teams.


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