Disk of Hazard takes on their first Binnelanders tournament

By Dylan Vosloo (Disk of Hazard)

The morning held an air of excitement as the Disk of Hazard (DoH) team members made their respect ways to Wits for the long awaited Binnelanders Tournament! As expected and in true DoH fashion, the day started off with a snag: an accident on the highway. Luckily, no team member was injured and the boredom of queues of cars was nullified by the excitement of watching an emergency helicopter land on the asphalt.

The day was shaping into a rather interesting one and interesting it would be as the vibrant DoH members found themselves faced with four games in a single day! The first game of the day was against Ultitude; a strong, competitive team. Ultitude got off to a grand start and dominated the first part of the game, but the ever fighting DoH machine managed to pull off a spectacular second half to bring the final score to a 8-15 loss.

After some good advice from the friendly Ultitude team, the already slightly sore DoH members marched off to their next game which followed directly after. This time they would play Wits firsts. The game was hard fought and both teams were starting to feel the effects of the day. The match ended and all left rather excited that the day had rolled into lunchtime. On the menu were hotdogs, with some condiments and a variety of fruit: perfect for hungry Frisbee goers. Some, however, decided that the weight of the day called for a cheeky beer or two and in hindsight they were definitely right!

Lunch came to an end and saw the determined DoH and Wits seconds take the field despite the clear signs of an impending storm. The players all warmed up with one eye on the sky and the ever ominous clouds, but that would not perturb them. They took to the field for the start of the game in spite of a heavy rain that had started to fall. A few minutes in and a couple of hail stones later, the game was postponed and a group effort saw the gazebo shifted towards shelter, all under the applause of the other teams nice and dry inside…

After some time the rain ceased and the two teams took back to the field and began the game again, ever careful to avoid the sea of puddles. The game was thoroughly enjoyed by both teams as DoH was able to part some friendly advice to a brand new team who were in a similar predicament as DoH found themselves not more than a year ago. Some slips and slides later and DoH found themselves with their first win of the day and even after the third game felt full of energy.

The fourth and final game of the day was played against Potch and man were they slightly intimidating. The guys were definitely rugga boys who cared not for their bodies and left it all on the field with some massive layouts. Fortunately, no one sustained any injuries and the Potch team were really cool and friendly and an awesome team to have a competitive game of Ultimate against. The day ended with a tired DoH team who had made history: winning two back to back games! They retired for the day hoping to bring it the next day and make it three wins.


Day two of the tournament and aches and pains ran rife throughout the team. Warm up was done with many a groan and a sigh. The first and only game of the day was against the ever resourceful Dream Team. Despite having to play a lady down, they gave it their all and caught DoH napping a bit. The Dream Team managed to pull the game away to a 14-8 lead until the DoH captain called for a much needed timeout. This was no ordinary timeout though, the exact proceedings will remain a mystery to protect the tricks of the trade of the DoH captain. The timeout, however, worked miracles and the DoH team members found themselves reenergized, motivated and determined to win. The next few points were hard fought and extremely intense as the score sheet slowly flicked over to 14-14. All they needed was one more point, but the Dream Team was not done yet. In a last all in effort the Dream Team managed to snatch the game from our heroes. Although a defeat, the DoH team can be proud of their performance in the last few points of the game and strive to consistently play as such.

So ended the tournament of Binnelanders. Much fun was had and many a new thing learned. The members of DoH thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back next year to break new records and kick some more proverbial Frisbee butt


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