Ultimate Nationals 2018: an exciting year for Grahamstown

By Daniela (Ultitude Ultimate Frisbee)

Early morning departures and long days in the car started the adventure for Ultitude’s 2018 Nationals. With the team split into a few different cars and motorbikes we set off for Grahamstown with much excitement. The roads were long, the bathroom breaks short and the road trip selfies plentiful.  Although we all stayed in our various dwellings, dinner was always a team sport – after all a team that eats together, stays together.

Photo from Devin Norman(4)Photo from Devin Norman(2)

Ultitude was lucky enough to grab a few players from different teams to play with us, we sported players from the Rangers, Vikings and Potch who we managed to gel with, without difficulty at all. We also had a reverted Ultitudian player (Che), somewhat an on-board comedian that left us in stitches. Every day started early, with the freshness of the new day settling in as we warmed up for our first game of the day. We started the tournament playing against Galeforce, a lovely team to play first thing in the morning. Our game was slow moving but very highly spirited and lots of fun. The cherry on top of this match was when Galeforce gave the tallest member in our team a colourful pinwheel Alice band to wear in honour of his high spirits. We would go on to play two other teams that day and the team went to bed looking forward to the next day of games.

Photo from Devin Norman(1)

After the first day the team was all warmed up and ready to play our hardest. We started the day with a super fun game against WITS Kudus in which Ultitude was triumphant. We then went on to play two of our toughest competitors, Ghosts and UCT Flying Tigers. Although we lost, the team demonstrated some amazing plays, great catches and fantastic layouts. We definitely played with all our hearts. We went to bed sore but satisfied. The last day of the tournament proved to be a challenge. We had a man down, stiff muscles and scabby knees but we were still able to push through. A common jest that day revolved around the more “mature” player on our team. However, his aged proved not to be a liability as not only did Lionel manage to score against the younger players but also managed to out run them on several occasions.

Photo from Devin Norman

Overall we had a jolly weekend and enjoyed the sights, the games and the company. We look forward to competing next year in full force and high spirits.



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