Skyveld: It’s Binnelanders time!

It’s early Saturday morning, which sometimes for Ultimate teams means waking up significantly earlier than normal Saturday mornings. It’s Binnelanders time – the tournament affectionately and semi-seriously referred to as “Inland Nationals.” We (Skyveld) arrived bright and early to a nippy morning with the beautiful Wits fields looking glorious (as always).

Slightly out of our element considering we pretty much exclusively practice and play ultimate at night and having to see this thing called the sun (the nocturnal frisbee players – thanks for the name Andz) proceeded to warm up.

Our first game of the day was against Elevations (1 of 2 teams from Potch) amazing growth. The game was athletic and fast and well spirited. So much fun – Skyveld winning the game comfortably but super stoked to play against new people with such great spirit. Game 2 of the day was against Bloemfontein. Bloem always play with a never-say-die attitude and brought a mix of experience and newbies to the tournament. Once again an extremely competitive and hard fought game was contested between the two sides. Despite Skyvelds stand-in spirit captain (me)(because Deo was at ANOTHER wedding) hitting Bloem’s spirit captain in the face (completely by accident) no further serious injuries were reported – sorry about your nose Wikus :(. Skyveld won the game 15-8.

Skyveld Binnelanders

After the worlds longest bye – it felt like 5 years but it was more like 5 hours it was time for our final game of the day – playing against won of the powerhouses of South African Ultimate – the Long Donkeys. The Donkeys are always fast, precise and good on defence and it showed. Skyveld ended up losing 15-9 in the end with some errors that the Donkeys could capitalise on. The game was hard fought and I think Skyveld definitely made the Donkeys earn their win.

Skyveld Binnelanders 4

With the days play complete it was time to rest and get ready for Day 2.

The day began playing against 4th Prime – a team that threatens deep with speed and power. The game did not get off to a good start for Skyveld where we went down two quick points to zero. We managed to bring it back to to 4-2 ahead (I think – the whole tournament was a blur as always). From there it was a hard fought game with Ryan pulling off some incredible hucks for the 4th Prime to score deep. Skyveld ended up winning 15-5 and into the final!

The final was against (you guessed it) Donkeys! Having played against the Donkeys the previous day we had a really good idea of what to expect and the game was just as well contested and hard fought. With incredible effort and work on defence we again made the Donkeys work for their points but unforced errors were punished and Donkeys ran out 15-10 winners in the end – Skyveld finished as Binnelanders runners-up.

Skyveld Binnelanders 2

Other fun highlights were Sally’s bubble rainbow arches! No injuries, new skyfriends, Stu’s first tournament! Bex and stressing about reloading Kudu Bucks. Popcorn and brownies (so yum – if you didn’t have you missed out). Spagehtti men playing like champs (and us Penne pasta players too). Ooooh and Pete’s zone shredding machine sounds – best!

Skyveld didn’t do too badly at the awards ceremony winning the prize for: Best Spirit.
Andy won MVP lady. Justus won best Defence guy. Lets do it again soon!


Skyveld vs Potch 2  W: (15-2)

Skyveld vs Bloem W: (15-8)

Skyveld vs Donkeys L: (15-9)

Skyveld vs 4th Prime W: (15-5)

Skyveld vs Donkeys (Final) L: (15-10)


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