Gauteng Clubs

Some information on the amazing clubs that make up Gauteng Ultimate:


Benoni Rebels:

The Rebels are a group of athletic Ultimate lovers in the East Rand. Find them here.

Fourways Tailwhip:

Johannesburg’s newest club is fast and athletic – and ready to make waves in the Northern Suburbs !

Orange Farm Ultimates:

Orange Farm Ultimates started in 2010 with the loveLife program.  They’ve recently been reborn and are full of competitive drive !  Find them here.

Disks of Hazard:

If you’re in Pretoria and interested in ultimate you should come join for a pickup game.  You might even be worthy of wearing the Rangers skull on your chest someday ! Find them here.


Skyveld is a fresh young and sometimes overly enthusiastic team with cheers and high fives for days. Find them here.

Soweto Ultimate:

First established in 2008 and reinvigorated with the Move-it, Moving Matters interns in 2015, Soweto Ultimate is one of the oldest clubs in Gauteng ! Find them here.


Representing on the other side of the Juskei river is TuksUltimate. Although they have been playing Ultimate for quite some time they have recently upped their game. Well done Labs! Find them here.


Ultitude is in many ways the core of Ultimate in Gauteng. They have been active the longest and have the most experience. Without them … nah, there is no Gauteng Ultimate without them. Find them here.

Wits Ultimate Frisbee:

Wits is an exceptional group of people. They have a bunch of new players every year and never get tired of showing newbies how and why of Ultimate. Also, we would be lost without their beautiful fields and amazing events! Find them here.


The Rangers are the mythical vagabonds of Gauteng Ultimate. Find them here.



Two teams fall under the banner of Tribe (ethos: competitive, inclusive & respect).  Wicked, the mean green fighting machines who defy gravity, and the Frisbaes who bring the gees !  Find them here.


We bring the power, we bring the flames, bow down to royalty, we are Tyranny!



When the stars align (or for OWN each year) the men of the Rangers Ultimate franchise come together as HELLHAMMER.

Rex Ultimate:

Hard to miss in their hot pink kit, their motto is Fraternitatem Fieri Regum. Find them here.


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